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"It's Only Words...", January 2024

Business communication is basically the use of WORDS to sell a product or service. But there are words and then there are lying words. The general public seems to believe everything that's on the internet. Should they believe your words? Read the full article.

Realities of the Virtual Worker, March 2015

The option to work from home has been with us for a while now. However, since COVID it has been more the norm than an option. As offices face reopening possibilities, it is a good time to refresh ourselves on the advantages/drawbacks before decisions are again being made. Read the full article.

My Case Against the "F" Bomb, June 2017

Tensions run high in human interaction and our language has strayed from civility to profanity as a norm. It is taking its toll on the quality of our relationships at home and work. Cathie lays out her views on the value of ditching the "F" word. Read the full article.

Could You Repeat That?, December 2019

Globalization and offshoring of work has unfortunately included call center/help desk positions which rely on telephone conversations. Poor language skills are frustrating to deal with, and while we don't want to deprive anyone of honest work, employers should step up to the plate to make sure their help desk personnel are really helpful. Read the full article.

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